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International Conference on

Cancer and Oncology

Theme: Learned an approach towards effective solutions to overcome everyday challenges in Cancer and Oncology.

15-Apr-2021 - 16-Apr-2021 Prague, Czech Republic

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About Conference

The International Conference on Cancer and Oncology will be held on April 15-16, 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference will bring all the experts in the field including scientists, professors, researchers, industry leaders and students on a single platform to share their knowledge, experiments, experiences, and a scientific treatise on oncology and oncotherapy for finding solutions to current challenges in the subject.

Oncology is a branch of medicine which deals with tumors and integrative oncology strives to manage the mind, body, and spirit within conventional cancer care to address and improve symptoms and quality-of-life. Oncotherapy is an important and effective method of dealing with the treatment of cancerous tumors. The conference will discuss new trends, discover new approaches, and focus on the advanced technologies in combating cancers through oncology and oncotherapy. The event will debate as to why there are still no advanced treatment options available for combating cancers that are continuously on the rise across the world. It will further analyze the recent developments and research on cancers and oncotherapy.

There will be keynote lectures, plenary talks, debates, discussions, live-wire interactions, poster and video presentations, workshops and symposia on the subjects of oncotherapy and oncology which will help in enhancing the knowledge of the participants and in guiding their respective professional and career life. The conference will provide educational insights into the challenges faced by oncologists and other professionals in the field.

The event will be a wonderful stage for industry leaders, drug manufacturing companies, healthcare professionals, associations and societies concerned with oncology and oncotherapy and for industry leader in the subject as they can develop mutual collaborations and partnerships to advance their business and career goals and to learn how technological advances are influencing individuals and organizations in the field.

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