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International Conference on

Cardiology and Heart Diseases

Theme: Fostering new advances in the field of Cardiology to better understand and treat Heart Diseases.

04-Mar-2021 - 05-Mar-2021 Bangkok, Thailand

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About Conference

This International Conference on Cardiology and Heart Diseases is scheduled to be held from March 04-05, 2021 in Bangkok, Thailand is dedicated to providing the benefits of latest findings in the field of Cardiology to the world population. With this noble goal in mind, scientific conferences that shed new light on the solutions to public health challenges are organized on a global platform.

The conference acts as a platform where internationally celebrated scientists, prominent professors, distinguished research scholars, academicians, important people from research laboratories, professionals in the field of science, surgeons, doctors, physicians, science students and even laymen whose lives are intertwined with the latest in research and development in the healthcare sector come together to share their research findings, scientific knowledge, wisdom, dissertations and opinions which benefit mankind and are crucial to the well-being and existence of humankind.

This global event offers a wonderful opportunity for the scientific community to participate and share their knowledge, experiments and experiences and also acts as a wonderful platform where they can exchange their ideas and discuss everything about their research findings in the form of discussions, debates, live interactions, workshops, poster presentations, and brainstorming sessions together with several other means. The conference presents a wonderful opportunity for all the participants to gain knowledge in their respective fields.

The reviews, suggestions, and compliments received from the participants always help the conference to give more strength and organize the event for the benefit of mankind. In addition to providing ample opportunities for all stakeholders working on heart disorders and cardiovascular diseases to expose their new findings; the conference further aims to bring together all the experts, principal investigators, scientists, students, business delegates, researchers and cardiologists from both academia and health care industry across the world to provide an international forum where they can disseminate their research results, discuss new ideas and dispense practical development experiences.

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