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International Conference on

Food Science, Nutrition and Technology

Theme: Understanding Nutritional Science to make better food choices by exploring new horizons in Food Technology.

23-Apr-2021 - 24-Apr-2021 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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About Conference

The International Conference on Food Science, Nutrition and Technology will be held on April 23-24, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands is concerned with the transformation of raw ingredients into food - and of food into other forms - by physical, chemical or microbiological methods in the food processing industry. Food Technology also deals with all the aspects of food processing from sourcing raw food ingredients to producing marketable food products that can be easily prepared, packaged, canned and marketed to serve consumers of the world. Nutritional Science is concerned with all the procedures that are engaged with how life forms get supplements, consumes, digests and utilizes them for supporting greater life forms.

The activities and techniques involved in processing include emulsification, liquefaction, mincing and macerating. It also focuses on the cooking processes such as frying, grilling, boiling, pickling, broiling, pasteurization and other kinds of preservation together with packaging processes such as canning. Techniques involved in determining the safety aspects of foods and preservation methods for longer shelf-life are also dealt with.

The conference aims at discussing the latest trends and discoveries and new approaches and advanced technologies in the field of food technology. Emphasis will be placed on the recent developments in the field and how they can benefit humans on a global scale. The participants will be able to take part in discussions, debates, poster and video presentations, keynote addresses, workshops and exhibitions that will enhance their knowledge of the subject and its related industries.

The event will be a wonderful platform for companies dealing with nutritional products and supplements and also for business entrepreneurs dealing with food processing machinery to exhibit their products at the exhibition. Associations related to nutrition and dietetics can develop new connections and partnerships to further their goals. Students and researchers in the field will be able to receive support from expert scientists and academic professors to enhance their profession and career life.

The conference will help you understand, study, and gain insights into the developments and challenges in food technology and nutrition. Participants will be able to learn how regulatory issues and policies aid in research and development, and the health and well being of the world population.

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